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Diamond Accounting


Project Info

Flomiz Diamond Accounting System which helps you to manage GST, E-way bill, Cheque Printing, Designation, Firm and Branch management, User wise authority with special permission, Product group management, Sales, Purchase, Estimate, Meno, Manage multiple banking Statements, Get employees activity report and Multi-user management, Globally access, Responsive view and more than 250+ customize Reports.

  • Users : 350+
  • Stared From : 01 January 2022

Innovative Interfaces

Flomiz Diamond Accounting can meet all requirements of small-size and mid-size business firms like Diamond Manufacturers and sellers, All Diamond small businesses that require stock management and GST, etc.

Flomiz Diamond Accounting system is the best web app to meet your business requirements of Accounting with all features for your organization including inventory management, data security, Smart Dashboard, Employee Management, Administration, and much more.

Our Diamond accounting software provides you the basic facilities to high-level facilities according to our local markets like Gujarat and Maharashtra. In which basic facilities like Purchase, Sales, Transactions, Profit and loss, Balance Sheet, Print Invoice, Product Management, etc. High-level facilities live Smart Dashboard, Barcode, User Authority, Cheque Printing, Multi-Firm, and Multi-Branch Management, etc.

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Improving from years makes us perfect for you

  • Dashboard
  • Graphical chart Representation
  • Daily Invord and out word bank balance
  • Total payable and receivable
  • Daily sales-purchase and Income-Expense
  • Daily category wise sales
  • Account Watchlist
  • Firm wise total profit and loss
  • Stock Valuation
  • Top-selling and Overdue parties
  • Top and low performing products
  • Low stock products
  • Product and Stock
  • Category and variant wise stock
  • Product bundling
  • Stock Management
  • Low stock alert
  • Bulk stock and price update
  • Firm and branch wise stock management
  • Transfer stock from one branch to others
  • Marge product
  • Barcode management
  • Product's full history(Purchase and sales)
  • FIFO Tracking
  • FIFO Cost Management
  • Stock adjustment
  • Sales and Purchase
  • Create easy PO, Purchase, and Debit Note
  • Create easy Estimate, Memo, Invoice and Credit Note
  • Walk-IN Customers Invoice
  • Contact access permission
  • Best Invoice formate
  • Reporting
  • Product-wise, Customer-wise, and Firm-wise Profit Loss report
  • Daybook
  • Balance Sheet
  • GSTR 3B
  • GSTR-1
  • Performance Report
  • Product FIFO Tracking Report
  • Product History report
  • Stock summary report
  • Advance Statement and Outstanding report
  • Users daily activity report
  • 250+ Customize Reports
  • Advanced Facilities
  • Multi-Firm, Multi-Branch and Designation management
  • User Permission
  • Cheque printing
  • Add extra field according to admin requirements
  • Auto E-way bill Generate
  • Set status for understanding complexity
  • Essay SMS services with API integration
  • Manage approve
  • Manage broker and salesperson
  • Advance filter on each page
  • Manage multiple series for Sales, Transactions, etc.
  • Cloud data benefits
  • Auto Backup
  • Get accounting errors easily
  • Keep track and handle Expenses

Project Result & Benefits of Project

Flomiz Diamond Accounting is a very vast Accounting and inventory manufacturing system. It's a Diamond Accounting package for any Diamond business that needs accounting. It has been developed to incorporate all possibilities and permutations, combinations to address all needs of Diamond companies.

It deals with all the requirements of Diamond Industries in managing the very complex processes. It’s the most suitable for multi-stage Diamond companies and geographically scattered corporate offices with a huge number of employees as well small & big subsidiaries Diamond companies and units.


All the information about the business is at the fingertips

  • All Report Wall On Screen
  • Manage complex Kit parts
  • Time saving
  • Reduce Manpower
  • Track inventory by Mfg. date, Exp. date and Serial number
  • Secure Authentication
  • Zero Paper Work
  • Fastest Installation
  • Manage Sales Returns and Delivery Returns
  • Cost Effective
  • Storing personnel records
  • Available Only in company Premises
  • Very User friendly to handle
  • Fast Output
  • Not Require Computer Expertise
  • Secure
  • System defined process in controlled inventory management
  • Work Automation
  • Provision To Set Limited Access
  • Fully customized reports