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Attendance System


Project Info

Flomiz Attendance System which helps you to Manages your Employee Attendance, Employee Leaves, Payroll , Count & Pay Overtime , Attendance SMS Template, Employee Attendance Report Etc . You can Accurately Calculate Employee Work Hours & Payroll by Using Attendance Systems. You will especially benefit from this if your employees are paid hourly. You can also Manage Different Shift & Batch Data in This System .

  • Users : 20+
  • Stared From : 20 February 2021

Innovative Interfaces

Flomiz Attendance System communicates with Attendance Devices to bring data from different geographical locations in to a centralized office. The System also allows users to process the attendance data according to their requirements. The summarized attendance data is usually used for reporting and also for payroll processing.

Attendance, leave, overtime data and shift plans should be displayed in one single interface to better understand the data for each employee. Employees may be Allocated to different shifts and hence it’s important to calculate work duration from Clock in/out data with reference to Shift & Batch.

Attendance Management System will help you track employee hours, ensuring there are no policy or regulatory violations. It also goes a long way in simplifying payroll.

Attendance data may come from Time Attendance or Access Control devices, HR Users may import attendance from text or excel files, Employees may Clock in using the Employee Self Service, or data could be imported from another database.


Improving from years makes us perfect for you

  • Employee Management
  • Dashboard
  • Manage Shift & Batch
  • Punch / Manual Attendance
  • Overtime Count
  • Monthly view of Employee Attendance
  • Employee User Access
  • Fill Manually Attendance
  • Employee Attendance Report
  • Attendance SMS Template
  • Employee Leave Manage
  • Manage Break Time
  • Manage Holiday
  • Manage Employee Payroll
  • Manage Employee Payroll
  • Manage Tex ,TDS, PF & Bonus
  • Pay Overtime
  • Manage Employee Upaad
  • Pay Payroll Charge
  • Salary Slip

Project Result & Benefits of Project

Flomiz Attendance System not only enhances security amongst the Employee but safeguards the working environment along with protecting a company’s valuable data. Moreover, Flomiz Attendance Management System renders secured access control and authorization by tracking & maintaining the entries & exits of every employee.


All the information about the business is at the fingertips

  • All Report Wall On Screen
  • Manage complex Kit parts
  • Time saving
  • Reduce Manpower
  • Secure Authentication
  • Zero Paper Work
  • Fastest Installation
  • Cost Effective
  • Storing personnel records
  • Available Only in company Premises
  • Very User friendly to handle
  • Fast Output
  • Not Require Computer Expertise
  • Secure
  • Work Automation
  • Provision To Set Limited Access
  • Fully customized reports