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Half Diamond ERP


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Manages your Half Diamond manufacturing operations from Activepart/4P/Factory process to Quality Control including Compliance, Production, management, Inventory etc. You'll not only improve your process efficiency but will be able to accurately manage Stock, exceed Process expectations and accelerate growth.

  • Users : 75+
  • Stared From : 01 January 2022

Innovative Interfaces

Flomiz Half Diamond ERP system is the best web app that offers 100% customization to meet your business requirements of diamond inventory management with all features for your organization including but not limited to inventory management, data security, crystal clear business trading, multinational currency, CRM, administration, MIS reporting, and much more.

A Cloud Half Diamond Manufacturing ERP Software specially designed to cater the needs of Diamond Manufacturing industries to help in cost cutting, improve operational efficiency and take faster decisions. It gives flexibility to your business to move in the right direction. You get a competitive advantage and access to innovative new technologies.

Inventory management system in ERP provides real-time visibility and control of Materials, Work in Process and Finished Goods. Automatic Tracking of Diamonds becomes possible with production management system. It helps pinpoint where the inventory was used and where it went and also helps trace defective lots.

A Diamond Manufacturing ERP system helps in supply chain management and increase Process flow management. It provides tools that will help you in real-time decision-making. It also helps Diamond manufacturing firms to stay lean and agile. It helps solve your business challenges and meet your unique and varied requirements.

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Improving from years makes us perfect for you

  • Rough Management
  • Diamond Rough Inward Manage
  • Single and mix packet Issue Return
  • Link by lab Issue Return and Stock Manage
  • Barcode system
  • User Access
  • Department Wise Setting
  • Users and Report wise Securities
  • Single Packet prediction Manage
  • Stone Grading
  • Process Wise loss Setting
  • Process wise Issue Return Setting
  • Jangad No. Generate Setting
  • User Wise Permission Setting
  • Laser Machine Wise Issue return And Report
  • Production Planning And control
  • Rough sale & assortment with advance reports
  • Manufacturing & Jobwork
  • Department issue/return for internal management
  • Department issue/return for Activepart, 4P, Factory, Windowing and Marking
  • Issue/Receipt to Worker for polishing
  • Splitting and Mixing of Lots which are undergoing process in factory
  • Mixing of Polished Diamonds into Lots
  • Jobwork issue/return management
  • Financial year wise accounting & Taxation
  • Quick search advanced view
  • Stock tally by Barcode or RFID
  • Stone Compare
  • Packet transfer by Single to Mix, Mix to Single
  • Flexible column layout view and excel export formats
  • Notification on each action
  • Daily analyzed summary report on main by schedule
  • 200+ Reports
  • Packet Tracing

Project Result & Benefits of Project

Flomiz Half Diamond ERP is a very vast inventory and Diamond Manufacturing process tracking system. It's a Half ERP package for Diamond manufacturing companies. It has been developed to incorporate all possibilities and permutations, and combinations to address all needs of diamond manufacturing companies.

It deals with all the requirements of Diamond Industries in managing a very complex Diamond Manufacturing process. It’s the most suitable for multi-stage factories and geographically scattered corporate offices with a huge number of employees as well as small & big subsidiaries factories and units.


All the information about the business is at the fingertips

  • All Report Wall On Screen
  • Manage complex Kit parts
  • Time saving
  • Reduce Manpower
  • Track inventory by Mfg. date, Exp. date and Serial number
  • Secure Authentication
  • Zero Paper Work
  • Fastest Installation
  • Manage Sales Returns and Delivery Returns
  • Cost Effective
  • Storing personnel records
  • Available Only in company Premises
  • Very User friendly to handle
  • Fast Output
  • Not Require Computer Expertise
  • Secure
  • System defined process in controlled inventory management
  • Work Automation
  • Provision To Set Limited Access
  • Fully customized reports